Sweet Girl & Gorgeous Gardens

I spent a little time with this sweetie right before summer started. I figured since it’s suppose to be 80 this weekend, why not go along with the summer feeling and blog about this beautiful green garden shoot.

This gorgeous garden belongs to her grandfather. What a job it must be to keep it so meticulous! And how envious I am of all it’s beauty… one day.

You can tell what an adventure the garden is for her. She walked around and knew every inch of it.

Love these next few of her…

Mommy, expecting baby sis… I think she was over 7 months pregnant here… can you believe it? Cute little belly.

Here she’s holding out her hand for fish food to feed the fish in the little pond… I’m telling you, this garden was amazing!

Enjoy the warm weather, everyone! One last hurrah before the rain & snow!