Look Who’s One…

Well, it’s taken me longer than I thought to get this post going. As you can imagine, birthday parties = lots of photos! And this little angel is so cute, I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to include. But I finally made some choices, so here we go…

Little Miss Olivia turns one…

Mom was so creative in her party planning. Nothing cuter than a ladybug theme for a cute lovebug’s first birthday. There were lots of little details that I, being a Mom who loves to plan, did not miss and that I loved! All I know is that Olivia’s Mom must’ve been planning for months!

While the finishing touches were being put on and the guests started to arrive, Olivia was napping. Mom & Dad got lucky, because I do believe that Murphy’s law dictates when you want and need your child to nap and be rested and refreshed, they wont!

Here she is waking up and wondering who is this woman entering my room hiding her face behind a black box?

And this is what she did when she saw Daddy walk in the room:

Time to get ready… of course she matched her party theme… and adorably!

Dad looks like he’s a very involved Daddy, no wonder she loves him so.

And while she was still wondering who I was, Mom & Dad tag-teamed her… now that’s team work!

Oh that face! And the rolls!! Nothing better!

Now she’s warming up to me a little and wants to share her favorite rattle. A special gift, I’m sure, because it was in a pretty little box and so shiny…she treated it like a treasure.

The gift opening process at children’s birthday parties are often crowded and a little hectic, lots of people and excitement, so when photographing children’s birthday parties, I like to capture a few shots of just the child and the parents opening one special gift. It’s a nice way to get some calm, tender shots of them together… something you will surely not get in the middle of a party.

Everybody’s waiting, time to make an entrance…


We went out for some family shots while everyone ate and mingled inside.

Cousins and friends… among the many guests…

Cake time! Here she is patiently waiting to see what’s going to happen…

She was not sure what to make of this little cake in front of her. Her curiosity led her to realize that frosting was not her favorite thing,

But the cake itself was delicious!

So delicious, in fact, her little legs were happily kicking away under her tray as she gobbled it up.

And, oh yes, big round balloons… gets them every time!

So, with cake and presents done, she hopped in her coupe, and she’s outta here!

Look at her turning the key! hahaha! So smart!

Many thanks to Miss Olivia for being such a great party girl and to her parents for throwing an adorable party! It was a pleasure!