Mr. Pastry Chef… So Sweet! ;)

I’m a bit behind on posting my latest shoots. I’ve been juggling a few things lately and am now trying to play catch-up. I did this shoot a couple of months ago but this little guy is so adorable I just had to share a few of his pictures.

As most kids this age, at first he was shy but very curious. As I was setting up my gear he wanted to know what I was doing and had lots to say. After a few minutes of listening to him speak, I realized he had an English accent! You see, his Dad is from England and has an accent himself. I thought it was fascinating that his accent had rubbed off on his son. ┬áHe didn’t speak exactly like his Dad, but for sure the accent showed in many of his words, so cute!

This is the little man at first. Those dark eyes are mesmerizing!

He quickly warmed up and the smiles just kept on coming.

“You got a little something there.”… must’ve had something in my teeth.

He took direction exceptionally well. Even if he was in the middle of doing something, if you told him go there, do this, he went and did it, without even blinking. Being the first child, I wonder if his parents know how lucky they are. Oh to have even just ONE child like this!

Don’t ya wanna pinch his happy cheeks??

This was my favorite part of our time together. His parents were behind me being silly and he just laughed and laughed…

AND laughed!!! Isn’t he contagious here???

Mom’s passion and art is being a pastry chef (can’t wait to try her stuff!) so little guy has his own kitchen and chef clothes. He’s really into it here, con-cen-trating! Or maybe hungry??

I told ya he had lots of smiles! Makes my job oh so much easier!

This must be some kind of pastry chef warm up routine… roll your face.

And the cutest of all cutes…

Thanks to this little man for making my job an easy one that day! Tell Mom I’m looking forward to some of her yummy pieces of art!