Books & Albums

What’s the best way to preserve your memories from your portrait sessions? Beautiful keepsake books & albums, of course!!

I know most clients prefer to purchase digital files, which I think is great! But truthfully, it’s only really great if you are using the files to purchase keepsakes such as prints, books or albums.¬†There is nothing better than looking through a photo book or album of your favorite photos. I hear all the time from clients that they love all their photos from their session so why not invest in a photo book or album to enjoy for decades to come? Chances are you will only actually look at those digital files a few times, but prints, books & albums you’ll thumb through endlessly and so will your children and eventually your grandchildren. Consider pretty books to leave on your coffee table that even your guests will want to look through and enjoy.

I offer a variety of books and albums in many sizes and price ranges. You pick the photos you want to include and the book/album you’d like and I design and have them printed for you. How easy is that? Here’s a little breakdown of my most popular books and albums…

Accordion Books

Accordion books are 4″x8″ press printed, hard cover books that open up “accordion” style. They are printed on press paper, a high quality card stock, which make these pretty little books very affordable.
Cover options include satin or metallic. There are different designs to choose from depending on your style and photo session. Depending on the design you choose, anywhere from 8 to 12 photos can be included in an accordion book. These books are perfect for displaying your absolute favorite photos from your session.


Seamless Photo Books

Seamless photo books are beautiful lay flat, hard cover books that are press printed on photographic paper. They come in many sizes, ranging from 4×5 to 15×10, with vertical, horizontal, as well as, square options. They start with a 10 spread count (20 pages) and have additional spread count options, so you can fit so many of your favorite photos and tell the whole story.

Cover options are matte or metallic and can either be a photo or a graphic design (many to choose from). These are my absolute favorite books because of the beautiful print quality and very affordable pricing. I’ve yet to find affordable books of this quality any where else, and believe me, I look and try different products regularly.



Albums are photo printed on photographic paper. This is the best quality printing you can get, which puts them at the higher end, price wise. They come in sizes ranging from 4×5 to 12×12, and you can select from square, rectangular and panoramic sizes. Cover options include leather or photo and each album has a standard 10 spread count (20 pages) with additional spreads available. I recommend albums for special life events, like Christenings, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and anniversary sessions. Though, of course, albums are also perfect for all portrait sessions!

Be sure to reach out with any questions on any of these products,, 774-262-8215. And if you are curious and would like to have a look at samples, let me know! We can set up a meeting (or coffee date!) and I’ll be glad to show you!