Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Favorite Sweetface

A quick sneak peek of one of my favorite faces! Glad we finally had our shoot, great to see you guys!

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Sisters ~ Asa Waters Mansion

Here’s a few peeks of these cutie sisters, beautiful girls. We had our session at Asa Waters Mansion, such a pretty house in Millbury with great afternoon light. They had me really laughing… lots of shenanigans… and noogies for everybody hahaha

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A Cutie Who Just Wasn’t Having It…

This is how we started, a runny nose since yesterday (of course, isn’t that always the way?), not feeling her best, trying to sooth herself with her little finger sucking, and certainly not impressed with the strange new lady who keeps annoying her… After trying to outwit her for 30 minutes -an impossible task, she […]

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