Family Fun at Wachusett Reservoir

Fun families are my favorite shoots. I love to capture families just being together and having fun. Makes for real photos of real times and what shows is real love. These are the type of pictures I treasure the most of my family.

Here is one of the most relaxed and sweetest little families I had the pleasure of working with…


This sweetie was a little unsure of what to make of the new lady w/ the black box in front of her face. But having Mom or Dad stick close makes all the difference.

This little guy was not feeling his best this day, had a bit of a temp, but you’d never know it.Of course I had to get some piggies…The old church at Wachusett Reservoir is a beautiful place and so great for treasure seekers. This sweetie loved exploring.My gosh, I’m melting all over again with him, love the smile in his eyes!
Talk about treasures, we found some purple petals on the grass! Oh the possibilities!Here she was distracted by some other treasure seekers walking by…So friendly, every time she saw kids near she wanted to make friends.
More exploring!I can just see the adventures these two will have together! And who doesn’t have great memories of being swung around in between your parents?!