Happy New Year!

Happy new year! By chance, as I did last new year’s, I’m starting this new year’s blog post with a newborn.  This sweet angel is the baby of an old friend. A dear old playmate. Someone I spent countless hours playing Barbies with and dreaming about boys with. And now here we are welcoming her first boy! I was so happy to hear she had a boy, as her firstborn is a girl. Having 2 of each myself, I know how wonderfully different boys and girls are from each other, and as a parent I think it’s an amazing thing to experience both.

We started off pretty awake. These slung over the shoulder shots just get me all emotional. They are complete flashbacks to the first couple weeks with my first baby. This was the position she loved, completely slung over daddy’s big shoulder and this was my view of them as he would walk around the house with her like that, which he was so happy to do. He figured out how to content her like this when nothing else would soothe her… hold on, I need a tissue.

There was some pretty light coming in from the sliders here.

And as Mom brought him upstairs to try to get him to sleep (cause we all love those sleepy shots), I went and hung out in Big Sis’s room. We read books, we talked, we laughed… 

He had fallen asleep, but guess what? We were bothering him trying to get all cute with him… poor kid, he just wanted to sleep.

This one below with the ‘enough’ hand, cracks me up.

I love his wrinkly skin and how tiny he looks… there’s nothing, NOTHING like a newborn… sigh…

He did this a lot with his fist over his face… must’ve been his in utero vogue.

It took quite a while to get him to this point, but at last, success… look how peaceful he is.

I think we exhausted him… 

And lastly, my favorite, with his little curled up fists.

I was lucky enough to be able to snuggle him for a bit… can’t wait to do it again!