Oh Momma!!

This pretty Momma was in full glow the day of our shoot. Come take a look at how gorgeous pregnancy is!

Since she knew her little bundle is a little princess, we decided to go soft and girly with these maternity pictures.

I do believe big, pink, fluffy cupcakes were invented for pregnant ladies!

The place we decided to do our shoot was just perfect and a good lesson to all is that you don’t have to have an exotic shooting location to have fabulous pictures. This location is actually a neighbor’s yard.

What a perfect belly!

I liked this view because it reminded me of my view of my pregnant belly (from the other side, of course). Every time you look down, this is what you see… and hopefully you’re lucky enough to see your feet too!

As you can probably guess, here’s Daddy.

They were very sweet together.

And though soft girly photos is not every guy’s idea of a good time, Dad was a good sport and didn’t complain once.

Good luck, Robin, and best wishes for a quick, safe delivery! I’m looking forward to meeting the little princess!