Pretty in Pink

Here’s a pretty little lady I had great fun with back in June. Olivia is not quite two yet, but seems so much older. Great personality and so easy going. It took her all of 3 seconds to warm up to me. Those big eyes of hers are always studying everything and I loved watching her explore and have fun.

Here we are getting ready for our shoot in the back of Mom’s car (this is how all the models work on location), and look at how she is studying me.

Seriously, the skirt… I want one!

And yep, just a few shots in and she’s all warmed up.

We had a beautiful day full of light and vibrant colors.

The smelling of the huge flower just cracks me up. And then the planting, LOL! All her!

I’m not sure what this little structure was for (maybe bird watching??? Really, no clue)  but the little peek-a-boo windows were fun.

The sun was bright and warm and I love these shots with Mom…

Again, the skirt… and those eyes… ♥

The sun was a bit too bright for her little eyes, but I couldn’t resist these shots.

What’s more summer than a beautiful watermelon… she loved it, I think she thought it was a ball and it was funny watching her trying to handle it.

But she was determined…

Wherever we put her, she was happy to explore.

Wardrobe change and snack time.

On the right, I think it’s cute that she and Mom have the same expression. 🙂

Always, watching and studying…

Kiss for Daddy… *melt*

She was so excited to try this big lolly…

LOL, she wasn’t letting go of it now…

And I’ll end it with my favorite lolly shots…

Thanks, Miss Olivia, for a fun afternoon!