Little Kids, They Keep Going and Going and…

Shooting little ones is really fun. They are usually full of ideas and are so fun to capture. It’s real difficult getting active kids to sit still in front of a camera, so it’s best to just bring them to an open place and follow them around. You wont get lots of poses this way, but you’ll get lots of personality.

And these three sweeties are just full of personality! The little one, constantly looking for snacks (Mom came very prepared, thank goodness), big brother loving the little fists up (I think he was a super hero in a past life) and big sis, adorable and so sweet. The way they interacted together reminded me of my 3 oldest when they were little… miss those days.

I’m pretty sure she’s smiling at Mom here who is holding the snack bag.

Silly but so cute…

Love her little poses for the camera… I think she’d make a great Disney princess with these posses. 😉

I think she was chewing here. hahaha Even eating she is photogenic!


This is one of my favorites of the day…

And this one too. She is so stinkin’ cute!

Thanks for the fun, guys! You did great!